What is UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse?

An autonomous billing, provisioning and management platform for affiliates, founders & members serving in thirteen (13) currencies. Engineered by professionals who refuse to accept constricted mainstream. (BBB)

Principles  and  Values

Mission Statement

Cost-effectively deliver the tools required for constructive contribution to our ecology. Provide big-business capabilities and functionality to conscientious individuals and organizations capable of complying with simple principles & values.
UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse

UNMETERED.SolutionsBroad Range of Products & Services

Get the most out of your life by not holding yourself back on the account of artificial limits and unnecessary costs : a new class of conscientious carrier!

UNMETERED.SupportLive Chat, Ticket or Phone ... Call or Write!

24/7 Support using the UNMETERED.IO ClientArea. If you have a network emergency, just dial the support number for your region & dial "0".

UNMETERED.Partners Associates and Vendors

Utilizing scalable workforce services such as UNMETERED.Team for repetitive and/or scripted task completion : can we help you build anything?

UNMETERED.IOPremium Quality Services, Consistent Values

Constantly expanding offerings deliver many components for a simpler and more limit-free lifestyle... the UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse experience

Packaging Depot Inc.
Multiple Locations in BC
Multiple Services since 2012
Hertz Rent-A-Car
Multiple Locations in AB
UnmeteredDSL since 3/2016
TLA Online
Multiple Locations in BC
UnmeteredDSL since 2/2016
TechFutures Interactive
Multiple Locations in BC
UNMETERED Colo & DSL since 3/2014
Cartel Communications
Langley, BC, Canada
UnmeteredDSL MLPPP since 9/2015
Multiple Locations in BC
UnmeteredDSL since 1/2014
Van. Christian Schools Assn.
Multiple Locations in BC
UnmeteredCable & UnmeteredDSL